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About Mumbai Chilli

The name Mumbai Chilli was Inspired by his initial experiences with food during his time in the early 80’s working at the Sands Hotel, Mumbai. During the later part of the 80s, his time in Mirch Masala, Mumbai, again helped to expand his range of tastes and flavours. For the next 7 years he further expanded his knowledge at the Maharajah Palace in Kuwail. ln 1995 he moved to Nepal where he opened his first restaurant, Mumbai Palace. 1998 saw his biggest change when he moved to London and began work for Organic India, a supplier of fine Indian Ingredients. From 2008 until 2010 he worked at Tandoori Nights in Cockfosters, Enfield as the Head Chef. Now he wants to truly express himself and show that he is truly ready to bring his tastes to you.


About the Head Chef

Bipnarayan Mishra was brought up in a traditional Indian culture and has experienced first hand the Original style of Indian cooking. He admires his culture and has a keen interest in promoting and experimenting with flavours from his past. His style of cooking remains traditional, but, he seeks to adopt and pursue different flavours and tastes.